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barracuda Fonza Elba

Secca di Fonza


Depth: min. max

Having left the gulf of Marina di Campo and reached Capo di Fonza, at -3/6m depth, we find the cap of the Fonza shoal, certainly one of the most evocative dives on the Island of Elba. The characteristic vertical wall towards the east side of the shoal sinks down to -40m, in almost every cavity we find colorful sprigs of red coral about 5/7cm high, the dive is truly open to everyone as multi-level profiles can be carried out which satisfy every diving need. Along the seabed, therefore at the foot of the wall, the scenery becomes more and more captivating and colourful, the presence of large yellow sponges and the almost certain encounter with Mustelle and Crustaceans of considerable size make this dive point full of life. Thanks to the particular currents to which the shoal is exposed, the biological life is very intense and the colors are very bright, divers with a more attentive eye will notice the dense presence of Nudibranchs of different species and families. On the southern side of the shoal at around -25m there is a plateau rich in Eunicella Gorgonian, where encounters with Groupers and Octopus and many other types of fish species are easy. The ascent towards the surface is very suggestive, where through the clarity of the water we will perceive a fantastic play of shadows and lights.

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