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Gorgonie Corbella Elba Marina di Campo Diving



Depth: min. max

n correspondence with Capo Stella there is the islet of Corbella from which the dive site takes its name. The northern face of the rock is very challenging but full of life, bream, amberjack, snapper and red gorgonian. Here we can also see Caulerpa Taxifolia, the so-called killer algae very widespread in the Atlantic Ocean and the Indo-Pacific, but today also present here in the seabed of Corbella. The fairly easy southern part is very fascinating for its biological diversity, going down towards -35m there are branches of red coral and many other encrustations of very colorful sponges which make this diving point sensational and very fascinating. Not to forget the statue of Bear placed at about -22m, about 60 cm high, which inexplicably shows the kilometric distance between Elba and Berlin.

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