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La Barca nata per i Sub del Marina di Campo Diving

A boat created for divers

Quick to the diving spots on Elba and Pianosa


Companion of our days is the Wave, a 9.5 m fiberglass boat. specifically designed to give all the comfort to the diving activity, it allows quick and easy travel to the numerous diving spots on the Island of Elba and the nearby Island of Pianosa.

This year even faster with the new FTP engine.

The boat can accommodate12 divers, by our choice this number can only be reached with groups, during the season and for diving in Pianosa we prefer to reach a maximum of 8 divers, so as to make more your dives are comfortable and give you the maximum attention.

The spaces of the boat will allow you to set up the equipment directly on board, the Marina di Campo Diving Staff will make sure you find it every time you go out and then bring it back to the Diving Center.

Our Onda is also equipped for the low season, coverage and i Side awnings provide shelter even on windy days, there will be no shortage of hot drinks on board!

The benches, which occupy the central part, house all the cylinders allowing for easy dressing.

A spacious stern garden will allow for a comfortable entry into the water with the giant step, the two wide ladders make easy ascent at the end of the dive.

On the boat you will have a fresh water shower at your disposal to rinse cameras, torches or computers.
Bathroom on board.

Safety equipment, oxygen kit, first aid kit and medicines on board.

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