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Granseola a Pianosa
coralline Elba
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Marina di Campo Diving 

When you cross the entrance arch to the temple of dreams, there, right there is the sea

The diving center you were looking for...

...south of the Island of Elba

We are located in the lively tourist resort of Marina di Campo, hence ours Diving Center i got its name in 2005 since then it has become the reference point for divers who want to discover the seabed of this side of the island.
Our optimal position allows us to reach, in a short navigation time, the best diving spots and the entire coast South of Elba and the nearby Protected marine area of the island of Pianosa.
Our goal is to make you feel at ease, in a friendly environment at professional at the same time, making your holiday among the bubbles exciting.
We want our customers to become"friends" with whom share emotions that the sea and diving can offer.
The smile, the sympathy and the availability characterize the Marina di Campo Diving Staff who with passion ed experience will lead you to discover these wonderful dives on the Islands of Elba and Pianosa.

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If your passion is the sea and diving...'ve found the right place for you!

Our activities

Elba diving camp marina

Pianosa Marine Area

We call it the timeless island because its wonderful seabed has remained uncontaminated, rich in biodiversity, and will give you evocative sceneries with surprising encounters!

Certified underwater Park guides will accompany you to discover one of the most extraordinary places in the Mediterranean.

We will let you live an experience that will give you emotions!

An opportunity not to be missed! 

It's time to choose 
the course that's right for you...

What better opportunity than a holiday on the island of Elba

to become a diver or perfect your knowledge in underwater!

For the little ones

Corsi avanzati Subacquei


marina diving field holders


These are our strengths beyond our transparency and attention to the human aspect. We try to leave a legacy that people will remember us by.

years of experience

about us

Roberto M. on Google

Two weeks of beautiful diving, especially in Pianosa.
Super competent and helpful staff, 5 stars are the minimum.
I thank everyone for letting us spend several hours diving in total safety and a friendly atmosphere.
Thanks so much to Domenico, Susanna, Sabina and Mirko.

yoursholiday starts here...

corda nautica


By booking your dives with us you will have a code 20% discount!

La barca del Marina di Campo Diving



We offer tailor-made offers based on your needs as a diving school, club or group of friends.

 We assist you in organizing your holiday whether it's a weekend or a week.

Choose the type of accommodation between hotel, B&B, apartment, we will look for the solution that best suits your needs.


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pet friendly

If you need further information


Via Renato Fucini 452 Campo nell'Elba LI

(+39) 0565 977058

(+39) 347 3901026

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Image by Max Gotts
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