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Diving on the Island of Elba


Dive in and experience our sea

With Marina di Campo Diving you can explore the best diving on both sides of the southern coast of the Island of Elba,
where you can discover ever-changing scenarios:
walls that sink into the blue, rocky shallows on seabeds of sand and oceanic posidonia,
landslides that slope towards the open sea.
You will be able to admire wonderful gorgonians, red coral and looking into the blue...quantities of pelagic fish Snappers, Barracudas, Amberjacks
who wander around hunting in clouds of Damselfish, Salpe and Saraghi.

We organize daily outings


departure from the port 08.30 / 09.00

come back in1.00pm / 1.30pm

Double Immersion

You will have half a day free to fully enjoy your holiday on the Island of Elba.

Diving will be in two different sites to allow the observation of different types of seabed in the same exit.

Number of Divers

In the water the groups will be of a maximum of 4/5 divers per guide, divided by level.

We try to make trips with a limited number of divers so as to give more attention and comfort to our customers


departure hours 3.00pm come back in 5.30pm / 6.00pm

Single Dive

Technical Diving

Logistic support: qualified surface personnel - Bibo loading and unloading service - Mixtures on request


Thedestinations are not programmed but decided daily based on the weather conditions and the experience of the divers, so as to make your dives pleasant and safe.

mappa delle immersioni Elba e Pianosa

Short distance


Punta Fetovaia

_DSC9915 mz small_edited.jpg

Secca di Fonza

_DSC9927 mz small.jpg

Fetovaia shoal


Scoglio della Triglia


Rock that Coffin

Long Distance


Pomonte wreck


Punta Morcone

lobster-diving-Elba -Pianosa-Marinadicampodiving.9.JPG

Turkish leader

the cheating stone102118_35.jpg

The Focacciola


Punta Galera

vacchettadimare-immersioni elba marina di campo diving center.JPG

The Corbelli

_DSC9915 mz small_edited.jpg

Pablo Peaks

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