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Battesimo del mare Marina di Campo Elba
ok fino il battesimo Elba
Snorkeling Elba Marina di Campo Diving

Baptism of the Seato discover the
Elba sea

The seabed of Elba awaits you with Baptism of the Sea

The island must be experienced from the sea

Will you come on holiday to the Island of Elba?
You cannot leave without discovering the wonderful seabed of the island, rich in marine life.

Experienced and qualified instructors will lead you on this exciting adventure in total safety without neglecting the fun, trying to make you feel at ease in this new experience.
You just have to experience this fantastic underwater walk.... we'll take care of the rest!

It is an experience suitable for everyone starting from children aged 8 and up.

You will have the sensation of flying in the blue surrounded by incredible creatures, it will be like entering an enchanted world while living

an extraordinary emotion!

If you will be fascinated by this fantastic world the  the next step will be to become a real diver by taking a course that will allow you to experience other emotions in all the seas of the world

Baptism must be booked

The baptism must be booked a few days in advance to make arrangements on the day and time, so as to give you maximum attention.  

First appointment in our office

After booking, we will wait for you at our office where we will let you try out the necessary equipment which you will then find on the boat.

 We will give you all the information.

what you need to bring

You will need to bring your swimsuit and towel.

In low season, a sweatshirt and hat are recommended based on the temperature and weather.

Don't bring water, you will find drinks and snacks available on the boat

We go out by boat

The baptism will take place with a boat trip.
While sailing you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the coast.
The exit is scheduled for 3/3.30pm

with a duration of approximately 2.30.

introductory lesson

During the boat trip the instructor will give you a short introductory lesson in which the basics will be explained to you and what you will have to do during the baptism

You will have an instructor just for you

You will be accompanied in the water by an instructor who will take care of you and help you discover the wonderful creatures you will encounter


Oh yes, this will be your expression after baptism.

A wonderful smile

video camera rental

At our Diving Center you can rent a video camera to make this adventure even more unforgettable

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