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Corso Avanzato tra le gorgonie Elba

Advanced diving courses

Continues your adventure with us.....

If you are already certified, increase and improve your experience by choosing an advanced course that will allow you to explore deeper waters, experience the thrill of diving in a current, discover wrecks and much discovering the pristine seabed of Pianosa Island.

You will discover new ways to have fun while developing new skills, increasing your skills!

With our experience and passion we will give you the opportunity to improve through the proposal of various specialty courses.

For more information contact us and we will discover together the most suitable course for you!


A non-competitive sports medical certificate is required for all courses.

For more information on all SSI courses visit the website


Advanced Adventurer

This course is the 2nd level of training perfect for a holiday, it will allow you to experience five different open water dives, enriching your knowledge and experience, improving your skills making your dives more fun.

You will learn to manage particular dives such as going into deeper waters up to -30 M, and other specialties that you will choose with the advice of your instructor. At the end of this course you will know which skill you want to deepen with the Specialty courses.

Advanced Open Water Diver

This course is the next award on the path to becoming a Master Diver and includes four digital SSI Specialty course kits.
By completing at least four SSI specialty courses, of your choice, and having logged at least 24 dives, you will automatically receive SSI recognition.

Corsi Avanzati con il Marina di Campo Diving
Silhouette di subacquei

Decopression Dive / Deco 40

This course will teach you how to dive beyond your no-decompression limits. You will learn to plan and conduct dives to a maximum depth of 40m, with limited decompression (15min), using your recreational Total Dive system and a single stage tank (max EAN4

The course includes a theoretical part followed by confined water sessions which can vary at the discretion of the instructor and 3 dives in open water.


Prerequisites: Deep Diving and Enriched Air Nitrox 40

Specialty courses

These are just some of the specialties you can discover with us.

Specialità Deep Marina di campo Diving

Deep Diving

Many fantastic dive sites are located in deep water, this course will give you the ability to plan and conduct your own dives deeper than 18m, safely and comfortably, and this is a prerequisite for some advanced courses.

Specialità Nitrox Marina di Campo Diving

Enriched Air Nitrox

The Enriched Air Nitrox course will allow you to safely plan your dives using EAN Nitrox mixtures, with oxygen percentages up to 40%.
This will extend your no-decompression limits, increase your safety and make surface intervals shorter.

Perfect Buoyancy

Do you want to improve buoyancy control, reduce your air consumption or move effortlessly across the seabed?
This course will provide you with the skills and techniques needed to maximize your diving experience, increase your comfort in the water and get the best out of your equipment.

Specialità Massima esecuzione assetto Marina di Campo Diving

Wreck Diver

Many of the most beautiful dive sites at sea are shipwrecks that have sunk over time.
This course will give you the skills and information you need to safely explore these sunken treasures

Specialità Wreck al relitto di Pomonte
Rescue con il Marina di Campo Diving

Stress & Recue

This course teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents, and react appropriately to emergency situations that may happen to divers.

Specialità primo soccorso con il Marina di Campo Diving

React Righ

It is the emergency training course and includes the following essential topics:
Primary Assessment, First Aid & BLS, Primary Stabilization Techniques, and two optional topics - Oxygen Administration in Underwater Emergencies and Fundamentals of Defibrillator Use

Night & Limited Visibility

This is the description of your event. Enter further details about your next event or competition: for example, where it takes place, what time it starts and ends and what audience it is aimed at. Encourage your site visitors to contact you and participate!

Specialità Notturna con il Marina di campo Diving

Equipment Techniques

The course will teach you how to choose, maintain and stow your Total Diving System.
This will ensure good performance and longevity of your equipment.
You will receive the certification.

Scuba Equipment
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