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Bambini durante il Corso Sub

Diving courses for children

Give your child the chance to live a fantastic experience that he will remember for a lifetime!

From the age of 8 they will be able to experience the wonderful sensation of breathing underwater,float weightless like an astronaut while discovering fantastic sea creatures.

If the child has never tried beforewe suggest as a first step, baptism in the sea and then deciding to become a real diver with the most suitable course.

Marina di Campo Diving pays extra attention to the little divers, the instructor will try to convey to them love and respect for the sea and its inhabitants.

With a playful approach the instructor will make him learn the most basic notionsimportant to live in a waycorrectThe aquatic environment is safe and obviously fun.

Thereunderwater especially in children it promotes psychomotor development, develops a sense of responsibility, attention and respect for rules.

Baptism of the Sea

Experience the thrill of breathing underwater for the first time!
This is a real dive accompanied by an instructor who will only take care of you and your equipment, in total safety without neglecting the fun!

You will just have to "breathe" and live this wonderful experience in an extraordinary world!
Then you can decide whether to continue with a course and become a real diver.

  • Introductory theoretical lesson

  • Minimum age 8 years

  • Duration 2/3 hours

  • N.1 dive in the sea

  • Equipment is included in the course

Battesimo del mare per Bambini
Brevetto per il corso Subacqueo per Bambini

Scuba Diver

This course is suitable for those who have little time available but still want to become a diver.
You will acquire the basic theoretical and practical techniques that will allow you to dive with a buddy.
With this certification you will be able to dive anywhere in the world but only under the supervision of a professional diver such as a guide or instructor, up to a depth of -12m.
At a later time you can upgrade for the Open water Diver certification by studying the last chapters and finishing the lessons in the water.

  • Online Theory

  • Minimum age 10 years

  • N.3 Lessons in confined waters

  • N.2 Open Water Dives

  • Time required 3 days

  • Equipment included in the course

Open Water Diver

This course represents the best way to start your underwater adventure, it will follow you for your whole life thanks to which you will be able to discover the seabed all over the world.

Through theoretical notions and practical lessons at sea, the instructor will enable an independent diver to dive with another diver to a depth of -18m.

  • Online Theory

  • Minimum age 10 years

  • N.6 Lessons in confined waters

  • N.4 Open Water Dives

  • Time required 5 days

  • Equipment included in the course

Corso Open Water Diving Per Bambini
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