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ondanomala marina di campo diving

Diving groups

We propose personalized offers for long weekends, weekends and blue weeks based on the number and needs of the group,

our headquarters with its 110 m2 offers a excellent logistical capacity for both small and large groups.

You will have a at your disposal with convenient access by car to unload equipment, a large equipment washing area, services, classroom for holding courses, internships and presentations.
Equipment managed entirely by the staff you will find it directly on the boat with the 2 cylinders for double diving with double din int connections, belts and weights available for everyone on the boat.

Beyond Pianosa on request lunch on board also for diving  on the coast.

The day of departure  We offer a luggage storage, equipment and use of services service to all members of the group, including companions.

If you are looking for a diving center capable of guaranteeing you and experience, professionalism, comfort and courtesy, trying to take care of every little detail you have found the Marina di Campo Diving.

Always the our strong point is to give the maximum attention both to the individual and to the group.

Offers also for small groups of friends.


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