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Finally discover the seabed!

This course is for those who have little time and still want to becomea diver in just 4 days.

You will be able to obtain the Scuba Diver certification which enables you to divedepth of -12m.

If you want later you can complete with the Open Water Diver License which will allow you to dive down to -18m.

Price of €415

The offer includes:

  • 4 days/3 nights in B&B

  • Scuba Diver Course with Certification

  • Digital manual

  • Equipment rental

  • 20% ferry discount

It does not include:

 B&B fee for accompanying person Of €135


Rent a video camera 

Make your dives even more unforgettable by renting

aCamera Paralenz

you will find it at our office.

For more details contact us.



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