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Rana Pescatrice Capo Poro Marina di Campo diving Elba

Chief pore


Depth: min. max

Shoal located about half a mile from the coast outside Capo Poro, with a descent into the blue surrounded by schools of Damselfish and Occhiate at about -34m we will arrive at the top of the shoal where we can already see large Moray Eels and many encrustations of colored sponges, continuing the descent we will find large and dense fans of Red Gorgonians, in the deep cracks there are large Lobsters, large Capons and Scorpionfish. The dive is recommended for expert divers as the depth, the descent into the blue and the probable current represent elements of difficulty. This dive is for expert divers given the depth to which it can be reached: the maximum of the shoal is - 30 m and the bottom bordering the sand exceeds -50 m. The walls are sheer and covered with splendid fans of paramuricee, where we often find splendid sea lilies firmly anchored. In the cracks in the wall we will find beautiful branches of red coral which, illuminated by our lamp, will give us all their beauty. Not far from the main shoal, a rock full of life appears; to find it you have to keep to the left the ridge of the shoal that looks towards the open sea. Taking into account the depth in which we find ourselves, the little time at our disposal we will be able to spend still observing coral, lobsters, capons, large moray eels, notable conger eels invoice, uncommon urchins such as the melon urchin and the crown urchin, sponges and very dense clouds of anthias that swim undisturbed among the gorgonian fans.

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