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Depth: min. max

The dive is located in front of Capo Fonza, a promontory that closes the Gulf of Lacona. The shoal, in the part closest to the shore, is almost outcropping and on days with calm seas, you have to be careful because it is almost impossible to see. The cap is placed at 4 meters and goes down to 45 metres. In the cracks of the rock, we will find red gorgonians, nudibranchs, spirographs and countless branches of the precious red coral. The shoal is characterized by channels which from the top descend into depth, in one of these, at an altitude of -30 m, there is the entrance to a cave; to visit it you have to be very careful not to stir up sediment. The vault is completely covered with branches of coral which unfortunately was cut in the past. Continuing a little further inside we find another siphon which leads up to -15 m and that is to say almost to the top of the shoal, from here in every the only exit is from where we entered. Keeping the wall on our right at the exit of the cave, in the numerous ravines we will be able to find, in addition to the coral, moray eels, conger eels, groupers, nudibranchs, white gorgonians, crustaceans, molluscs. Always keeping the wall on our right, we return to the top of the shoal, while we make our safety stop, damselfish, damsels and sea bream will be all around us.

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