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cratena Mariana di Campo Diving Elba

The Corbelli


Depth: min. max

Rounding the Lacona Gulf and skirting the coast we enter the Stella Gulf, where we will notice a large vertical boulder overlooking the coast. In front of it, at around 60m, we find a submerged rock with a cap at around 7m. On the wall facing west we will find a passing crack that takes us to the opposite side of the rock. The wall is entirely covered by Parazoanthos, while Groupers and fish of different qualities find refuge in the crack, such as Saraghi, Occhiate and very compact groups of Damselfish. Once we reach the bottom at around -35m we will find the crack encrusted with yellow sponges. The dive, given the particular exposure to favorable currents, creates an excellent habitat for various species of Nudibranchs. A shoal, a few meters from the Capo Stella promontory, which rises rapidly from a depth of -35 m. The bottom is quickly reached, where lies the wreck of a small wooden motor boat and from here you go up following an almost spiral trend, following the conical shape of the shoal. Almost at the end of the ascent, at around - 15 m, a splendid wall full of parazoanthus will mark the end of the dive. Splendid dive to do at night.​

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