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San Pietro Remaiolo Elba




We are about an hour's sail from Marina di Campo, near Punta Ripalti. Here there is a large rock outcropping and various dives can be carried out for all levels, the most enchanting part remains the ciliate which descends almost vertically to the South/East towards the open sea, where we find the wall covered with Parazoanthus, Porifera of different color and Yellow Gorgonians. The part facing South West descends more gradually and is covered with Red Gorgonians. Once we reach the bottom, going out towards the open sea at around -45m, we find an isolated rock covered with fans of considerable size Red Gorgonians. For the less experienced, the tour of the rock allows you to remain at a depth between -18m and -25m, offering the possibility of browsing through the various cracks where Groupers, Conger Eels and Moray Eels hide, without giving up the fantastic colors of the encrustations that also cover this one. part of the rock.

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