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Scoglio della Triglia


Depth: min. max 

Outside the gulf of Marina di Campo, a few minutes of navigation from the beach, there is a large outcropping rock which then continues underwater to a depth of approximately -20m. The conformation of the seabed offers a natural habitat for Groupers and Snappers, the part not exposed to light is covered by Parazoanthos and many colored encrustations, during the dive we will find a statue depicting the image of the Madonna, which is often surrounded by small and colorful Donzelle and Castagnole. This dive is suitable for all diving levels. Located in front of Marina di Campo, this rock is famous for the statue of the Madonna placed on the bottom - 15 m by the fishermen around 1970. A once we reach the statue we proceed south, keeping the wall on our left, we will find a group of rocks around - 30 m, which are an excellent refuge for an incredible variety of resident fish. We continue our dive by going around the rock, to return to the starting point.

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