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Stella.Gorgone.Marina di Campo Diving

Fetovaia shoal


Depth: min.-12 max -40

Shoal located about half a mile from the coast and about 6 miles from Marina di Campo. With hair -13m, which slopes slowly towards the bottom, the shoal is famous for the almost permanent presence of large schools of Barracuda for at least 8/9 months of the year. On the northern side of the shoal between -20m and -25m it is easy to encounter snappers, passing tunas and very dense schools of sea bream. On the southern side, descending to around -35m, we will encounter very dense branches of Red Gorgonian. In the many cracks, by lighting and looking carefully, it is easy to see lobsters, crustaceans of all kinds as well as all types of burrowing fish such as conger eels and moray eels of considerable size.

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